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Rockabye Murder (A Maternal Instincts Mystery, ...
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Dancing can be murder-literally. All Kate was supposed to do at this swing-dance lesson was master the triple step, which seemed like a breeze . . . when she wasn't pregnant with twins. But now a dead body has lindy-hopped its way off the studio's roof, clutching a cryptic note with a dire warning: if the studio goes ahead with the upcoming 1950s-themed benefit dance, one of the attendees will die on the dance floor. Kate's got a case to solve and the clock is ticking, but her favorite babysitter is MIA. Can she solve the case before the killer strikes again? To do: 1. Help Mom's boyfriend shop for engagement rings. 2. Learn how to do the Charleston without falling on my face. 3. Buy even more diapers. 4. Solve a murder-fast. Jitterbug into the eighth book of the Maternal Instincts Mysteries, a laugh-out-loud, page-turning clean cozy mystery series by USA Today Bestselling Author Diana Orgain.

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